Monday, July 25, 2011

Imitative words

Imitative words are words which very sounds suggest their meaning. According to many linguistic theories, the first words spoken by man were imitations of sounds.

Our language today contains a great many imitative words, such as buzz, crackle, splash, wail. The use of imitative words is onomatopoeia, the words are onomatopoeic.

When you wish to use imitative words remember, that in general, verbs beginning with fl carry the idea of lightness and quickness of motion, as in float, flash, flame, flicker, flee, flutter, flow, fly, flit, flip.

Some words ending in -ash suggest a loud confused noise, as in crash, smash, splash, dash. The syllable -ang appears in many words suggestive of brazen resonance, as in clang, bang, rang, jangle.

The syllables -ink and -ing suggest cold brittleness, as in tinkle, clink, twinkle, jingle, tingle. О sound in suggestive of slowness, solemnity and often melancholy, as in toll, roll, flow, blow, old.


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