Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Essay Example - Relaxation


Your friend looks very tired, and you know he could use some rest. Convince him to take it easy.


Oh, dear! You look so worn-out and exhausted! Maybe, you are fed up with your work or schooling, aren't you? There is too much work to do and you are unable to solve the problems of the whole world. You must stop overdoing it (work too hard) - you will make yourself ill! You should find the ways to brighten your life.
It seems to me that it is just the matter of relaxation. So, try to be outdoors as much as possible because nothing could be better than a good walk. As for me, you should enjoy every minute outside in winter sunshine or go somewhere to sunny destinations.

Then, I would like you to fight off your tiredness with good food. Vitamin C, by the way, is a great agent against disease and stress. I would suggest the vegetables, such as green and yellow beans, soybeans, cauliflower, and cabbage, to you. All of them contain a lot of vitamin А, В and C. Besides, foods such as breakfast cereal, pasta or potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, which can help you to lift your spirits.

I know that Americans worry about relaxing. They take classes to learn how to relax. They read books that tell them how "to take easy". Relaxing is a multi-dollar industry in the USA. So, why not master this skill and do it on your own without paying much money? The easiest way to relax is to play any kind of sports you like. People who play a lot of sports often do better in exams and cope with their work people of the same intellectual level, who do not take regular exercise.
Then, if you are experiencing fatigue and mental cloudiness, you should analyze your moods. If you feel down, stop and work out where your negative thoughts are coming from. Gradually, you should be able to learn to control your thoughts and moods more beneficially.

Try to divide your time between work and leisure equally. Here, I would like to mention one well-known English proverb "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". It is fair because only hard work without any rest can do a lot of harm to your health. It may cause serious illnesses and spoil your eyesight as well. Another thing to remember is that people are not machines. They should have a break. That is why, don't be so busy and strained, enjoy your life and keep smiling.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perfect Essay Example - School Transfer

I would like to show you a great example of an essay for high school students.

Task: You are studying at a very prestigious school. Your best friend would like to transfer to your school. Advise him/her on what to do to be accepted.


I am studying at a very prestigious school now. Therefore, I'd like to tell you some words about it. There are many advantages to choosing our school. You will be offered more than just an English language package. It places great importance on out-of-classroom activities and offers students a varied programme of recreational and cultural activities. This will enable you to put your English into practice and extend your vocabulary while enjoying yourself at the same time. Our school has the well-being of its students at heart and that is why you can turn for advice and help to any of our highly qualified teachers. All of them are remarkable specialists in their fields of knowledge and, in addition, they are just wonderful people to speak to and you may freely open your mind to them.

Moreover, if our school interests you, you together with your parents may come to our principal directly. She will be happy to give you more detailed information about school and its extra courses to help you make your choice. To get accepted to our school depends on how old you are, your reasons for learning English and basic subjects, how much time you have and how you learn best because our school accepts only those who are fond of learning and need advanced studies in English, computer skills and economics.

The school fee is also important because our school is not a charitable organization. You must pay for studying here. Moreover, the fee is rather high. Therefore, you should think first if you would be able to pay for your studies at our school. You see that an unwritten rule in many countries says it is not so important what you know but school you have finished or university you have graduated. A diploma from a renowned university often guarantees success in life and a high position in society. To the best of my knowledge, it concerns our school too.

In addition, the level of education is also so high that you must possess profound knowledge in various subjects. It is commonly known that the students who have finished our school are much more likely to pass the entrance exams to famous universities than those who have not studied in our school. It is not surprising that 98 per-cent of our school-leavers enter prestigious educational establishments to get higher education there and they do have a very high pass rate. A school-leaving certificate given by our school is proof of the level you have achieved and can be very useful for you in future.

So, try to be admitted to our exclusive school and you will not be sorry for being one of those who managed to get to this school for the elite and the privileged. For us, here, in our school, the privileged are the people who enjoy studying and getting knowledge. Your intellect makes you an elitist. Believe in yourself and join us right now.

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